Day 25 & 26

I don’t have pictures from yesterday.  Try to imagine me in the gray jacket, red shirt, skinny jeans, and red shoes.  I have managed to create unique outfits everyday.  Today I went with the black striped cardigan, white tank, and red cords with the gray boots.  I was surprised I didn’t wear this before. It seemed like an obvious choice.

How about those boring, predictable Oscars?  We know I liked The King’s Speech, but it was such an obvious choice.  It would have been nice if they mixed it up a bit and picked The Social Network or The Fighter.  And the hosts weren’t comedians like Oscar hosts should be.  I’m the demographic they were targeting and I love James Franco & Anne Hathaway, but it didn’t work.  Sorry Academy try again!

Today was relatively busy and it is going to be a very busy week.  I have a networking type event tomorrow night, which should be interesting.  Trying to decide what to wear….

Still waiting to hear about the house.  That’s about it.

Bye for now!


Day 23 & 24

About a week left in the challenge!  I went back to the skinnys for casual Friday again.  It wasn’t really a busy Friday, but that seems pretty normal.  I didn’t do any food bank research since I was writing library grant narrative.  The boss and I sat in on a conference call yesterday as well.  I did still get somewhat distracted yesterday morning, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.  Yesterday evening we saw The Fighter which was really good.  Again I wouldn’t be disappointed if that won best picture.  Christian Bale should definitely win best supporting actor.  It is definitely a tight race this year for best picture.  It’s exciting too since I have seen 8 out of the 10 movies nominated for best picture.  That never happens!  We are thinking about seeing 127 Hours tomorrow morning too.

I haven’t done Day 2 of the couch to 5k yet either.  Maybe tomorrow?  Today we looked at 8 houses, and tomorrow we’ll be putting together the offer for one of them.  It is really nice.  Great location, nice kitchen, pretty pool.  It is the whole package.  We’ll see what happens, but we could potentially be moving in a month.  How exciting!  We hung out with the grandparents this evening.  We played two games of progressive rummy, and I won one of them.  Grandpa won the other game.  The other family members will be here soon, so we started talking about what we’re going to do when they get here.  We definitely need to make some plans!

Also I thought I’d throw some braids in my hair and put it up.  Something different!

Bye for now!

Day 21 & 22

Another combo blog today.  I did take pictures yesterday obviously.  A little red, black, and khaki for Wednesday, even added in some red and black jewelry.  I crashed the food bank’s annual volunteer meeting yesterday, and offered my services as a grant writer.  Turns out I know some people involved with the food bank and they’d be happy to use my services.  I’ll be doing some research for them tomorrow I suppose.

Today I thought if I can layer that cream shirt under the blue polka dots than I can layer it under the green as well.  And since the challenge is almost over, it is time to wear the skirts a few more times.  Today I wrote some grant narrative for the centennial event, played with some downtown maps, and wrote a tiny bit of narrative for the library grant.  The library grant has been super slow going.  I picked grants without due dates, because I was warned that they move slowly.  My goal tomorrow is to get a little more done in the morning since that’s when I seem to get easily distracted.

Maybe I’ll do Day 2 of the couch to 5k tomorrow after work, too.  It would probably be a good idea.  I think that’s all I know right now.

Bye for now!

Day 20 Purple, Gray, Black

Day 20 that means I only have 10 left! Sweet! Yeah I’m starting to get sick of these 30 pieces even though there are some I’ve only worn once.  I can feel the outfit creativity dwindling. We did yoga at work again so I thought I’d do the warrior pose. Also thought I’d show the necklace, earrings, and headband.

It was a pretty busy day at work and it is going to start picking up in the next couple weeks.  I’m okay with that 🙂 I don’t have too much to say.  It did feel like a Monday since I had yesterday off. It’s definitely Tuesday so that’s awesome.

Bye for now!

Day 19 Neutrals


Since I had the day off, I decided to keep it simple.  I also had stuff to do at home so I didn’t have to get all fancy with the outfit.  Not sure if I’ve mentioned in the past that the brown polo is from Kohl’s.  I like brown and I like polos 🙂

In addition to organizing my room, I also made pasties hence the need for the apron.  Pasties are a traditional Cornish dish.  They are similar in shape to a calzone or empanada, but they contain potatoes, beef (eye of round this time), onions, and rutabaga.  Since I am half Cornish (English), they are very popular with my family.  We sampled all the local brands when we were in England a few years ago.  Tempe & Mesa also have The Cornish Pasty Co.  which makes spectacular pasties locally.  My pasties are pictured above.

The apron is from my aunt’s former meal assembly store called Blue Plate Dinners.  It was a great store, but had to close due to the rotten economy.  I got to keep an apron as a souvenir!

I also did Day 1 of the couch to 5k program today.  I bought the app for my phone so I took it out for a spin today.  It was pretty hard, but it didn’t kill me so I guess I’ll try to keep it up.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Back to work tomorrow! Bye for now!

Day 17 & 18

Yes I did get dressed yesterday, but I didn’t photograph the outfit.  Just try to imagine me in the cream shirt with the red cords.  I was busying cleaning yesterday so I didn’t feel like posing and blogging.

Today my mom aka the photographer put together this outfit.  I like it, and I might not have thought of it.  It is good to have assistance sometimes.  She also designed some of the poses.  The pointing comes from a Bobby Bowden statue.  At my undergraduate graduation I mimicked Bobby Bowden’s statue in a picture.  She also said to pose with a foot up.

I don’t have to work tomorrow which is pretty awesome!  Gotta love gov’t work!

Bye for now!

Day 16 Red & Khaki

I abandoned the casual Friday uniform today.  Mostly because I wore the boots yesterday and I didn’t want to wear something too similar today.  This morning I almost forgot about the red shoes.  I was just putting together something relaxed and easy.  It was a small epiphany for the day.

Work was extremely quiet this morning.  Nearly falling asleep at the desk quiet.  Then I had a lovely conference call with my other supervisor all about social media.  I actually had something to contribute to the conversation since we have been dabbling with social media at my site.  It was nice to add to the discussion.  After lunch I had a great conversation about the potential team I am forming around advocacy.  I really hope people join my team, because I want to learn about this stuff too.  It was decent day even if it was a little slow.

Bye for now!