Day 30 The last day!

I’ve reached the end of the challenge.  Hooray!  Overall I enjoyed the challenge.  I might try to compose all outfits into one big picture, but not today.  If I did the challenge again I would probably pick at least one more shirt and eliminate one jacket.  I’m ready to explore my closet again.  Going forward with the blog I may post new outfits, but not daily outfits.  My ambition has not been to become a fashion blogger, but I do enjoy clothes and I wouldn’t mind keeping a record of new outfits and combinations.  I don’t feel a need to post every single day though.

The presentation today went well.  I felt like people were engaged and listening.  My fellow presenters were very easy to work with and a wealth of knowledge.  I didn’t sneeze or have any major coughing fits so I was happy with that.  I am still sick, but I’m coping.

Now we’re prepping for guests, and I better get back to it.

Bye for now!


Day 29 Red, White, & Blue

I put this top combination together when I first picked my 30 pieces and I haven’t worn it yet.  I imagined it with jeans originally.  I thought I might wear it tomorrow as my last outfit, but I have presentation tomorrow so I’m not going to wear jeans.  And since it isn’t Friday I wasn’t going to wear jeans today.  Then I had an epiphany and I remembered the red cords.  I think it works.  Not entirely sure what I’m going to wear for the presentation tomorrow though.

I felt somewhat better this morning, but now the sickness has incorporated my nose into the fun.  The worst part though is the coughing fits.  I’m hoping to avoid those during the presentation tomorrow.  Good thing it is a team presentation and I don’t have a huge part.

I had a be careful what you wish for moment at work today.  All of the sudden all kinds of people want my help.  I’ve been waiting for them to come to me, and it is all happening at once.  Isn’t that how it always goes?  We couldn’t stagger the needs of the nonprofits throughout my year?  Apparently not.  It is okay with me, but I have to switch gears and get my time management back on track.  I kind of have to re-orient my thinking, which can be difficult with a head cold…I shall persevere!  🙂  Time to rest!

Bye for now!

Day 28 Black & Khaki

Well the big news for today was my mom got the house!  There were nine offers on the house and we won!  We’ll be closing on the house April 1st.  I get to move again….oh boy!  No I’m excited about it, and the house is really cute & fun.

Today I went back to the Sears look with black and khaki.  I added a scarf though to give it a little something extra.  The scarf is another Kmart piece actually.  I went to AJ for meetings today, but didn’t stick around.  I haven’t been feeling too well the last couple days, so I took it easy today.  A nasty bug has been spreading around my office and it has now hit me.  Boo!!  I never used to get sick.  Since starting in AJ I’ve been sick twice.  I’m not sure if it is the office environment and recycled air or something different in my immune system or what.  It is kinda pissing me off.  I dislike being sick.  Especially at extremely inconvenient times.  We have a bunch of family coming to town, and I don’t want to be sick for that.  I’m trying to take it easy, and I got some Nasonex today to help with the sinus drainage.  It is definitely a viral thing, so there isn’t a lot that can be done.

Anyway that’s my rant for the day.  I should go to bed.

Bye for now!

Day 27 Hobnob

Apparently it is only Tuesday.  I don’t know what day it felt like but definitely not Tuesday.  I had to go hobnob with some other nonprofit types so I had to dress up a little, especially since it was in Scottsdale.  Normally I’m not a big fan of networking, but it wasn’t so bad tonight.  Maybe it was the business cards? Maybe it was being reminded that I come across as pretty confident? I didn’t feel out of place.  Or extremely young as I sometimes do.  It was just a nice evening.  Proving to myself I can network! Yay! That’s about it.

Bye for now!