Day 25 & 26

I don’t have pictures from yesterday.  Try to imagine me in the gray jacket, red shirt, skinny jeans, and red shoes.  I have managed to create unique outfits everyday.  Today I went with the black striped cardigan, white tank, and red cords with the gray boots.  I was surprised I didn’t wear this before. It seemed like an obvious choice.

How about those boring, predictable Oscars?  We know I liked The King’s Speech, but it was such an obvious choice.  It would have been nice if they mixed it up a bit and picked The Social Network or The Fighter.  And the hosts weren’t comedians like Oscar hosts should be.  I’m the demographic they were targeting and I love James Franco & Anne Hathaway, but it didn’t work.  Sorry Academy try again!

Today was relatively busy and it is going to be a very busy week.  I have a networking type event tomorrow night, which should be interesting.  Trying to decide what to wear….

Still waiting to hear about the house.  That’s about it.

Bye for now!


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