Day 16 Red & Khaki

I abandoned the casual Friday uniform today.  Mostly because I wore the boots yesterday and I didn’t want to wear something too similar today.  This morning I almost forgot about the red shoes.  I was just putting together something relaxed and easy.  It was a small epiphany for the day.

Work was extremely quiet this morning.  Nearly falling asleep at the desk quiet.  Then I had a lovely conference call with my other supervisor all about social media.  I actually had something to contribute to the conversation since we have been dabbling with social media at my site.  It was nice to add to the discussion.  After lunch I had a great conversation about the potential team I am forming around advocacy.  I really hope people join my team, because I want to learn about this stuff too.  It was decent day even if it was a little slow.

Bye for now!


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