Day 14 The third skirt

I finally got around to wearing the third skirt.  People thought I looked quite dressed up today, as if I had something important to do.  Not the case it was just time to wear the last skirt in my 30 pieces.  It was a gift from the photographer a couple years ago.  Again not an overly busy day.  I had a couple meetings, but nothing major.  Tomorrow’s schedule is quite full, so that will be exciting.  What am I going to wear?

In other news, the snippets I’ve heard about the Obama budget are not making me very happy.  I need to do some more research and reading, but so far it doesn’t sound good.  It’s definitely disappointing.

What else? I might try working four 10-hour days soon, partially spurred by the ridiculous prices of gas.  I drive about 60 miles/day in a not especially fuel efficient vehicle, and it is starting to take its toll.  So we’ll see how that works out.

Bye for now!


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