Day 11 & 12

Well yesterday afternoon/evening was too busy to post, but I did have the outfit photographed.  We went to see The King’s Speech, which was very enjoyable.  It could definitely win best picture, and I wouldn’t be too disappointed if it did.  Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush worked well together.  They managed to add some humor as well, even though it was mostly a serious movie.  We also had to go to the grocery store, which is always a process.

The theory of outfit #11 is when in doubt wear a hat and a polo!  The majority of Sunday was lazy, so by the time we got going I didn’t feel like doing anything with my hair, so I put a hat on.  The weather has been quite nice so only a polo was necessary.  And I actually wore the brown boots without anything tucked into them.  I made the necklace.

Today is that day we shall not acknowledge, and also it is Monday, so I had to wear black!  It is another belted look and I dig the purple shirt from Forever 21.  I also made the purple necklace. It was a relatively busy day at work which was nice.  I managed to make some contact with the organizations I’m supposed to helping, so maybe they will start to use me (in a good way of course).  Plus I finally heard the new Lady Gaga on the way home, and I enjoyed it. Tomorrow should be somewhat busy as well (hopefully).

Bye for now!

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