Day 8 A Different Teal

Today we attempted see an advance screening of Just Go With It, but they stopped letting people in as soon as they got to us.  This is only the second movie out of 17 where we were turned away.  It was disappointing, but this was more of a “hey it’s free” than an “omg I desperately need to see this movie”.  I can wait to see it at the cheap seats or rent if for free from the library.  Not a whole lot of other stuff going on today, but I did find out one of my best friends will be in town in about a month.

You may or may not know that variations of teal are some of my favorite colors to wear.  The jacket was a gift from the photographer (my mom).  The khakis are from K-Mart.  Under the jacket is the peach shirt that came with the vest from Day 5.  I got the shoes at Savers and they are Sofft.  I added the scarf this morning and wore it the whole day!  It is from Charlotte Russe, and totally completes the outfit in my opinion.  Love that color!

Bye for now!


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