Day 6 Red Cords or the day I saw Jane Seymour in person

I went to an advanced screening of Waiting For Forever this evening.  First of all I don’t care who you are you must see this movie!  It is amazing.  And I’m betting it won’t get the recognition it deserves.  I hope I’m wrong about that.

Second there was a little added bonus with this screening.  Jane Seymour is an executive producer for the movie.  Her husband is the director.  They were at the screening with another producer and had a little Q&A session after the movie.  So yes I saw Jane Seymour from a short distance.  They talked all about the movie and how they found the lead actor.  He is a virtual unknown, but extremely talented and supposedly up & coming.  Totally cool little extra for the screening.

Anyway my outfit is totally thrifted other than the shoes.  The shirt and pants are from Goodwill I believe.  The shirt is Banana Republic.  The cords are American Eagle.  The shoes are Madden Girl from Famous Footwear.  I’ll have to get a better shot of shoes when I wear them again.  I tried a new pose today.  I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I posted it anyway.  So today was a good day!

Bye for now!


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