Day 5 Peach, Cream, Black

I’m back to remixing after a lazy day off.  Today as you know is Monday, and some people (my mom) have a theory that you should wear black on Monday.  I went with it today.  It was actually a pretty fast moving day.  Probably because I spent a significant chunk of my day summarizing the month of January at my job.  As part of my job I have to file monthly reports to my sponsoring agency.  I did quite a bit in January, so it took some time to summarize the whole month.  Anyway this morning I had the peach t-shirt on but decided I would be too cold at work, so I switched to the long sleeve cream shirt.  It was a wise choice; I would have been cold.  The vest is from Macy’s.  The cream top is Izod, but I believe it is from JC Penney’s.  The pants and boots are the same as Day 4.  Busy day tomorrow, what I am going to wear?

Bye for now!


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