Day 3 The tripod works

Yes it is Friday, and that means I got to wear jeans to work.  My skinny jeans and boots have become my Friday uniform.  Also I picked up a tripod at Wal-Mart for $14, and it did its job well.  I’m quite pleased with it actually.  I’m glad I don’t have to rely on anyone else to take my picture (not to say I don’t like to have my picture taken by others, but it is nice to have the option).  Hopefully I will also be able to do some HDR photography with it.  Of course I would need some decent photo software to do that as well.  Speaking of photo software I used Picasa to do some sharpening and cropping on the photos today.  I use Google for everything else why wouldn’t I use their photo software?  I look forward to exploring that software further.

Back to the outfit.  I guess the theme was blue today?  The sweater is from Forever 21.  Jeans are Gloria Vanderbilt from Kohl’s.  The boots are from K-Mart (I know K-Mart is supposed to suck right?)

Bye for now!


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