More movies

Well I’ve seen quite a few more movies since my last post, so I’m going to chat about them.  This is my easy way to get back in the blogging routine.  Since it is a new year I shall try to have more to say on this blog.  It might get a little schizo this year, but that’s just how I roll.  Anyway back to the movies.

Hereafter – Excellent movie.  The premise was good.  It had multiple storylines that came together in the end which I always enjoy.  I also always enjoy Matt Damon.  He can do no wrong in my opinion.  And the female lead, Cecile de France, had amazing hair throughout the movie, and inspired a little bit of jealousy.

Morning Glory – A fun and happy movie.  I love Rachel McAdams.  The movie was funnier than I was expecting.  It was more of a comedy than a specific romantic comedy.  There was a touch of romance, but it wasn’t the main story in the movie.  Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton played off each other very well.  Also some of my favorite actors.

Burlesque – Entertainment to the max.  If you enjoy a lot of singing especially from Christina Aguilera then you will enjoy this movie.  There is plenty of singing and dancing.  I’m not Cher’s biggest fan, but I enjoy her in movies (I love Moonstruck).  I don’t feel like Christina had to do a lot of acting, but I can’t imagine anyone better for the part she played.  Stanley Tucci was also great, and Christina’s love interest was hot!  Just another fun movie.

Unstoppable – Loud, non-stop action.  What’s not to like about Denzel Washington and Chris Pine attempting to stop a runaway train?  Nothing that I know of.

Love & Other Drugs – Romance and Parkinson’s.  Anne Hathaway has early onset Parkinson’s which she acts out very well.  Jake Gyllenhaal is a womanizing, drug rep for Pfizer at the same time that Viagra hits the market.  They have amazing chemistry onscreen and make a believable couple.

True Grit – A remake western from the Coen Brothers.  First, I’m not a big western fan, but I loved this movie.  Second, I have not seen the original nor do I have any desire to see it.  So I make no comparisons between Jeff Bridges and John Wayne.  Hailee Steinfeld was the show stealer for the movie.  She was excellent the entire movie.  She stole the show from Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin, no easy feat for a 14 year old.

The Green Hornet – Another action packed, superhero movie.  The origin story for the Green Hornet.  Origin stories usually appeal to me, and this one was fine.  Seth Rogen was funny, as usual, and in tip top shape for him.  The dynamic between him and his sidekick, Jay Chou, worked.  The movie is a lot of stylized action and violence.  It is entertaining, but definitely not one of my favorites recently nor one of my favorite superhero movies.

Black Swan – Dance thriller.  As a former ballerina naturally I was intrigued by Black Swan.  The movie is intense to say the least.  Natalie Portman is phenomenal and absolutely deserving of a best actress nod.  She is an obsessed perfectionist ballerina.  And it makes her pretty crazy, and she has a crazy mother.  It is an exaggerated story, but it is very good.  Mila Kunis is also very good in it.

No Strings Attached – The definition of a romantic comedy.  Another Natalie Portman movie that was a complete departure from Black Swan.  It follows the relationship between her and Ashton Kutcher that starts when they are teens.  She acts more like a guy when it comes to relationships, and we watch her change her attitude in the movie.  Kevin Kline was a pleasant, unexpected surprise as Ashton’s dad.

Bye for now!