Let’s talk about free movies…

So I’ve just started blogging and I’m already slacking on it. I’ve thought about making a goal like writing everyday, but I feel like many of my posts would be pointless drivel. Maybe once a week is a reasonable goal?

Anyway let’s get back to the topic at hand: free movies! While I was in Kansas I discovered free movie screenings through some friends. As it turns out studios have free previews to most popular, up and coming movies. You just have to know where to get tickets. While I was in Kansas I saw movies like the Fantastic Mr Fox, The Dark Knight, Avatar, Shutter Island, Body of Lies, and some others I can’t remember all for free and before they were officially released!

Since I moved to Phoenix I’ve brought this skill of finding free movies with me. My mom and I have seen 5 free movies so far. We saw Going the Distance, Easy A, Buried, The Social Network, and Life As We Know It. Since I’m not overly picky about movies and tend to like everything I have enjoyed these movies. Some more than others of course.

Going the Distance was funny and cute. The trio of guys in the movie were hilarious and had a good dynamic. Justin Long and Drew Barrymore of course had good chemistry since they used to be a real life couple. I would have liked more Jim Gaffigan. And the story was overly optimistic about long distance relationships in my opinion. I suppose movies are supposed to be overly optimistic not exactly like real life.

Easy A was hilarious!  Probably one of my favorites of the five. Emma Stone is great. I’ve liked her in everything I’ve seen with her. The story was cute and original. It was full of great writing that had quick wit and fast talking. Quick wit is a quality I admire in movies and real life. All of the supporting characters and actors were excellent as well.

Buried features Ryan Reynolds buried in a coffin in Iraq. He is the only character the audience sees in person. He talks to people on the phone that is conveniently buried with him. I was skeptical of this film at first especially since I don’t like the idea of being buried alive. The movie was intense and very good. Ryan Reynolds was superb and the movie managed to have some twists even though there was only one actor.

The Social Network was also one of my favorites of the five. Some people will call this the Facebook movie but it isn’t really about Facebook. It is about Mark Zuckerburg, the inventor of Facebook, being sued by two different parties.  One is his ex-best friend who wants his piece of the very large pie that is Facebook. He was part of the creation, put in the startup money for the company, and wants a fair share in the company. The other party is claiming Facebook was their idea not Zuckerburg’s. Jesse Eisenberg portrays Zuckerburg as a fast talking, quick witted genius which I of course loved (that whole quick wit thing again). Justin Timberlake also gives a stellar performance as Sean Parker, a Napster co-founder, who gives Zuckerburg business advice. Justin Timberlake proved to me he has some acting chops to go along with his other talents. Overall a wonderful film!

Life As We Know It is a typical romantic dramedy featuring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. They are chosen as the guardians of their best friends’ kid after they die in a car accident, even though they hate each other. The movie was okay. Many of the funny parts were shown in the previews, but it was nice to look at Josh Duhamel for the duration of the movie!

Well that’s a wrap-up of the free movies I’ve seen so far in Phoenix. Agree or disagree? Let me know!

Bye for now!