Being the new kid at work

When I moved to Arizona I also transferred within my current retail company. Transferring is an interesting experience I must say. I never moved as a kid so I don’t have any experience being the new kid. Since I’m doing the same job I didn’t need any training, so I was just kinda thrown into this job. When you are a new person you get to know people easier because someone has to show you the ropes. I cannot say it has been easy getting to know people. It doesn’t help that I’m naturally somewhat shy and quiet. I’m also very task oriented so I’m mostly focused on doing the job and not meeting people. But it would be nice to make some friends at this job. Any advice out there for getting to know new people at work or otherwise?

Bye for now!

The introduction

Let’s start with the basics.  Who am I? My name is Amanda. I’m 25 years old, a cancer, only child, single, and INTJ.  I make lists for everything. I have selective OCD. People say I’m understated.  I’m extremely observant.  I don’t think I have a biological clock.  I dislike ignorance and racism.  My blog is called work in progress because it and me are works in progress 🙂

Let’s move on to what should be an easy question, but in my case is complicated.  Where am I from? The easiest way to determine where someone is from is to ask them where they graduated high school.  By that definition I am from Minnesota.  I lived there for 18 years and it is definitely where I grew up.  But then I went to Florida for my undergraduate career.  I lived there for 4 years, really started to find myself and define who I am as a person.  I went to Kansas for my graduate education and I lived there for 3 years.  I just recently moved to Arizona to live with my mom, save money and be free of a lease.  People ask where I’m from and I just sigh, say it’s complicated and try to explain.  Some of the best and worst years of my life happened in Florida and Kansas and those years have defined me as a person, but I lived in Minnesota the longest.  Thus it truly is a complicated question

How about some other basics? My undergraduate degree is in geography and sociology.  My graduate degree is in urban planning (a lovely synergy of my undergraduate majors).  I currently work for a retailer that will remain unnamed for the time being.  I will be leaving my retail position at the end of October (thank god!) to “serve” as an AmeriCorps VISTA.  I’ll be working for a city and doing grant writing among other things.  I’m sure I’ll write more about it after I actually start the job.  I’m very excited about this recent change as I have been job hunting for over a year (I don’t know if you noticed but this economy sucks!).

There are five things I compulsively buy: books, movies, music, chapstick/lipgloss, shoes.

What about my interests? Sports especially hockey and college football, most types of music, any movie, reading, shopping, art, dancing, crafts.  Yes I have a wide variety of interests and I like to believe that I am one of a kind.

And finally (for now), why am I blogging?  One reason is to prevent brain atrophy.  Second, I have things to say every now and then.  This is as good a place as any to share my opinions/thoughts.  Also to provide some relief for my slight quarter-life crisis.  And why not?  I may be late to the trend but that is usually my style anyway.

This blog may contain book reviews, movie reviews, music & concert reviews, and definitely my random opinions.  Soon I will be sharing my opinion of recent New York Times article about 20-somethings.  I don’t know how much or often I’ll be blogging but I’ll figure it out as I go along.

Bye for now!